TREASURE ISLAND - almost a pantomime by Stewart Auty


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CAST: 5 men (with doubling) (mostly 50+ but can be any age really) 7 women (mostly 40+ but 1 is 20+ and 1 teenager if JIM is played by a woman.) Unlimited singing pirates of any age or gender (depending on the size of your stage!).
SET: 3 minimal sets (SET PLANS are included) for the Admiral Benbow Inn, the ship and the island.
TECHNICAL: ***** Demanding sound effects and scene changes.
APPROX. RUNNING TIME: 1 hour and 30 minutes (without interval)


PRICE OF KINDLE VERSION: £4.00 (only available through Amazon. Links below)
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It’s a pantomime!
Oh no it isn’t!
Oh yes it is!
It’s got lots of songs and awful jokes … True. But it hasn’t got a Dame, and it has a proper plot (sort of) taken from a classic novel …
Oh, well it isn’t a pantomime then … but it’s almost a pantomime.

Yes. The classic tale of Treasure Island (with huge apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson). The Admiral Benbow Inn is a refuge for women pirates — and very bloodthirsty they are too. Billy Bones is hiding out there and he’s got a treasure map, which a lot of nasty people want. He takes Jim Lard (no, it’s not a misprint) into his confidence before he dies. What ensues is a daft hunt for treasure, peppered with many songs and jokes. Captain Smollett has problems with Health and Safety and Long John Silver is not only missing a leg but an eye and a hand too! (Now there’s a challenge for someone!) It doesn’t matter the age or gender of your actors – there’s a part for everyone. With some audience participation and lots of laughs, it’s the nearest thing to a pantomime that we are likely to publish.