ROBINA HOOD by Stewart Auty


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CAST: 30 Speaking parts, various ages, male and female, unlimited chorus.

SET: Castle interior, Courtroom, Forest, Town Fair. (Achievable with backdrops etc.)

TECHNICAL: Basic lighting. Music backing tracks and sound effects.

APPROX. RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 45 minutes without interval.


PRICE OF KINDLE VERSION: £4 (only available through Amazon. Links below.)

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So here we are again, with another of our ‘not-quite-pantomimes’ (but pretty darn close). It’s a silly story with lots of suggested songs, over-the-top characters and written by that master of truly-awful jokes – Stewart Auty.

The story goes like this…Sheriff Omar of Nottingham (we did warn you!) has married a wicked woman, Lady Mascara, after the death of his first wife. His sweet daughter, Robina, is not happy and has serious doubts about her wicked stepmother. And she has good reason, as Lady Mascara has told her henchman, Vortex, to arrange for Robina to be taken into the forest and killed. (No, pay attention, this is NOT Snow White. We know it sounds similar but stick with us. Things are about to take an unexpected turn.)

The Soldiers tasked with killing Robina, have no stomach for the deed, so run off, leaving Robina lost and alone in the forest, until Maid Marian and her friends, the forest outlaws, turn up. The outlaws are like a bunch of sheep without a sheepdog to keep them in order, so Robina finds herself with a new career!

Sounds ridiculous? Of course it does! And it’s all in the best possible tradition of pantomimes. Suspend belief and have fun!