PICKWICK PAPERS Adapted from Charles Dickens by Lynn Brittney


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CAST: 19 men (but many parts can be doubled up making a total of 10 men required). Ages range from 2 young boys (which can be played by women) to 2 men aged 20+ and the rest should be aged 50 – 70 (or older in the case of the Doctor and the Judge). 13 women (again some parts may be doubled up making a total of 11 women required, if two of them are playing boys). Ages range from 3 who are 20+, 2 who are 40+ and the rest are 50 – 70.
SET: The action is in various places, so no set really, just representational pieces brought on and off the stage, as required.
TECHNICAL : **** Various sound effects, music, spots and fades.
APPROX. RUNNING TIME: One hour and three quarters, without an interval.


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The well-heeled and learned Mr Pickwick takes his earnest companions on a journey around the country to report on the character and manners of the populace. Pickwick’s friends seem well-suited to the task: Snodgrass is a poet; Winkle a sportsman; while Tupman is sensitive to the ladies’ point of view. Or so they claim. Their high notions and even higher ambitions are soon tested by con-men, deaf old matrons, servants, landladies, jailers and many other characters that complete the picture of Dicken’s England – raucous and cheeky but ultimately bound together by a sense of fair play. The book made Charles Dickens famous at the age of twenty-five, justly so, and this lively adaptation does justice to the original in every respect.