FEEDEM FIGHTERS A Comedy by Dorian Mode


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CAST: 2 women and 5 men (but some of the male parts can be doubled and 1 is off-stage anyway) All aged between 30 and 45.
SET: One set. Set plan at the back of the script.
TECHNICAL: **** Basic lighting, music between scenes, klaxon and red flashing lights, gunshot.
APPROX. RUNNING TIME: 1 hour and thirty minutes (without interval)


No Kindle version for the foreseeable future.


Daryl, a chubby soft drinks salesman, finds himself kidnapped by an urban guerilla organisation called Feedem Fighters – a small group of obsessed individuals dedicated to forcibly slimming-down the overweight, with the collusion of their friends and family. However, Daryl proves not to be their usual victim. For a start, his two timing wife, Bernice, has arranged for Feedem Fighters to take Daryl out of circulation while she lives it up on the Italian Riviera with her Pilates instructor and, secondly, Daryl proves to be a master of psychology, who soon finds out all the secrets and weaknesses of his kidnappers. This hilarious comedy addresses the very real and, at times, contradictory attitude of Society towards food and body image. You’ll lose weight just laughing!