FAIRYTALES IN THE 'HOOD (An alternative to a pantomime) By Paul Cockcroft


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CAST: 15 women (of which 11 parts can be doubled) (4 aged 50+) (10 aged 15+) 11 men (All the parts can be doubled) (4 aged 50+) (7 aged 15+) 12 Gender and Age Fluid (1 Dame and at least 11 animals) Most parts can be doubled as there are different characters in Act 1 & Act 2. Woodland Creatures chorus (singing and dancing) can be any age/gender.
SET: Several settings that can be easily achieved with backdrops or signs or minimal scenery.
APPROX. RUNNING TIME: 1 hour and 45 minutes (without interval)


Is it a fairytale? Sort of. Is it a pantomime? Not really. Does it have suggested songs? Of course. Is it fun? Absolutely. Two acts of glorious mayhem with a whole new take on fairytales, as we know them. The common thread throughout this comedy are The Girls in the ‘Hood – a bunch of feisty problem-solving girls who take no nonsense and give as good as they get. In the first act of the play, they need to rescue their friend Red Riding from Wolfie – a predatory but rather inept villain. He goes after Granny first, but she’s no pushover. In the second act, Trevor the Troll, refuses to conform to the fairytale narrative that he should let any old fairytale character cross his bridge. It doesn’t matter who asks – Cinderella, Jack (toting his beanstalk), The Three Billy Goats Gruff (there’s only two – budget cuts) – Trevor is not having it. It’s got songs and jokes, and it’s even got a Dame – but it’s still not a traditional pantomime!