DISORDER IN COURT (An alternative to a pantomime) A comedy by Stewart Auty


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CAST: 6 women (of which all parts can be doubled) (3 aged 50+) (3 aged 15+) 4 men (4 aged 50+) 17 minimum Gender and Age Fluid (Jurors, Usher, Lawyers, Animals) Some parts can be doubled as there are different characters in Act 1 & Act 2. Dancers are optional.
SET: One courtroom setting throughout.
TECHNICAL: ** No tricky lighting but quite a bit of playing backing tracks on cue. Little or no sound effects.
APPROX. RUNNING TIME: 1 hour and 30 minutes (without interval)

PRICE OF KINDLE VERSION: £4.00 (only available through Amazon. Links below)
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You’ve heard of a courtroom drama? Well, this isn’t (except Baby Bear makes a drama out of everything – she’s such a diva). No, this is quite the most bizarre collection of characters that have ever been up in front of a judge – in fact the judge is pretty bizarre himself! Act 1 is The Crown versus Goldilocks, who is charged with breaking and entering the house of the Three Bears. But what is this? Something about a dodgy insurance policy and entrapment??? Not to mention inedible porridge and Baby Bear’s elocution lessons! Act 2 is The Crown versus The Big Bad Wolf, charged with stalking three pigs while huffing and puffing a lot. (Give that Wolf an inhaler!) All is not what it seems, as the main witness for the Defence, Little Red Riding Hood explains. In fact, it’s all fake news. With a lot of jokes and songs and a perpetually partying Jury – it really is, DISORDER IN COURT and the most riotous alternative to a pantomime you are ever likely to read.