ALL BALLS AND ASHES A comedy by Mark Robberts


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CAST: 6 men (all aged between 50 and 70) and 5 women (aged between 45 and 70).
SET: One set, which adapts to several locations. Full instructions and plan are given in the script.
TECHNICAL: *** A fair number of sound and lighting effects.
APPROX. RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 30 minutes (without interval)


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The death of Seth ‘Hot Balls’ Hegginbotham, stalwart of the local cricket team, is a great shock to the regulars of The Cloggers Arms. Frank and Eli had once promised Seth, in a moment of drunken camaraderie, that they would scatter his ashes on the village cricket field and perform certain rituals. However, Seth’s widow, the fearsome Freda, is not about to part with her husband’s ashes. Cue for a spot of incompetent urn-kidnapping and bizarre ash-scattering rituals. This joyous play basically involves daft old men causing havoc in rural Yorkshire. Mmm…that sounds familiar…