A FETE WORSE THAN DEATH AND TWO OTHER MURDER MYSTERIES (designed for Murder Mystery supper evenings) Comedies by Jane Page


CAST: A Fete Worse Than Death: 6 women (3 aged 50+, 3 aged 30-40) 4 men (all 50+)
The Italian Affair: 6 women (4 aged 50+ 2 aged 30+) 4 men (all 50+)
The Shooting Party: 5 women (3 aged 50+ 2 aged 30+) 6 men (5 aged 50+ 1 aged 30+)
SET: All the plays have one set each – either inside or out outside the library.
TECHNICAL: * Switch lights on and off, mood music, one sound effect.
APPROX. RUNNING TIME: Each play runs for about 40 minutes and can be part of a supper evening.

A Fete Worse Than Death £40.00 Apply Now
The Italian Affair £40.00 Apply Now
The Shooting Party £40.00 Apply Now

NOTE: Any group that elects NOT to do a murder mystery evening but, instead, perform two of these plays in an evening, with an interval, we will regard that as a full-length play and the charge will be £60 in total per performance.

PRICE OF KINDLE VERSION: £4.00 (only available through Amazon. Links below)
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Jane Page has written these delightfully tongue in cheek short plays to be performed for murder mystery evenings with a rather long supper interval and competition to ‘Guess the Murderer’. However, you could just as easily just do a couple of the plays as a traditional theatre evening. Set in a fictional village, somewhere in England and sometime in the 1950s, there is a whiff of Agatha Christie in the air. Detective Inspector Spade and Detective Sergeant Skinner are the redoubtable policemen who always turn up to try and solve the crime, whilst the local librarian, the remarkable Miss Prunes, usually provides the answers.

In A Fete Worse Than Death, we need to find out who murdered the odious Mr Wilcox, the new owner of the local newspaper and grasping landowner. Set against the backdrop of the village fete, the clues will have you guessing until the end.

In The Italian Affair – who tried to poison Sgnr. Ricardi, the proprietor of the local Italian restaurant? Was it one of his many lady friends from days past? Or was it one of the men in the village, out to get revenge?

In The Shooting Party, the blaggard Ronnie Archer gets murdered at Lord Weston’s shooting party. Lord Weston’s son owed Mr Archer a lot of money, several women had a grievance against the man and one or two husbands had a score to settle with him. The list of suspects is quite long! These plays are good fun and quite clever. The audiences will love being involved in the solution. A perfect recipe for a fun evening.