A CONVENIENT MURDER A Drama by David Summers


CAST: 5 women (1 aged 60, 2 aged 50+, 1 aged 30-40, 1 aged 20+) 3 men (1 aged 60+, 1 aged 50+, 1 aged 20-50).
SET: One set. Set plan at back of script.
TECHNICAL: ** Basic lighting, between scenes music, flashing blue lights off-stage and police siren burst.
APPROX. RUNNING TIME: One hour and ten minutes (without interval/s) (Three Acts)

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Daniel Harding, well-known anti-government activist, has been found dead in his study. The case looks suspiciously like murder and, because his brother-in-law is visiting at the time – and he happens to work for MI6 – a special investigator is called in, as it may turn out to be a matter of national security. Throughout the night, the family are questioned and cross-questioned. Many startling things come to light. Commissioner Halsted is faced with too many suspects and, even, the possibility of suicide. But when the pathologist telephones with his findings, it all becomes clear…