Playstage Junior

playstage juniorPlaystage Junior was formed in 2002 and, to date, the plays have all been performed by schools and youth groups in the UK; USA; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; UAE; Hong Kong; Tibet; Malaysia; Eire; Serbia; India; Romania; Mexico; Venezuela; Spain; Portugal and Indonesia. And we know that they delight audiences because many of our customers write to us and also come back to purchase more plays! The plays have also been used as classroom exercises to help children understand the importance of drama as a tool for storytelling.

Although some of the plays are specifically written for younger children, many secondary schools have had great fun in performing some of the longer plays and pantomimes to their own schools or local primary schools. Many youth groups and children’s drama groups have found the plays ideal for performances at the end of a holiday or term-time course.

Best of all Playstage Junior plays can be performed FREE and come with a LICENCE TO PHOTOCOPY* as many copies as your school or group requires.

You can preview, buy and download any Playstage Junior script with our straightforward and secure system. All the plays come with full production notes for teachers and youth group leaders. These notes give valuable advice on how to put together basic scenery and costumes and how to create any special effects or sound effects.

All the plays have a set number of speaking parts but additional non-speaking characters can be added. Some of the plays come with sheet music, or suggestions for music but groups are entirely free to add their own music if they wish.

We have the following categories of plays on our website,

Full length plays for 10yrs +
Modified Shakespeare
Plays for curriculum support
Traditional Stories
Mini Pantomimes
Christmas plays
Nativity plays

For further information about the plays and how to purchase them, go to the website or contact: Playstage, 134 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SA. This is a permanent postal address and not our office base.

Or call +44 (0) 7769 653136. UK Office hours only please (9.00am-5.00pm).