This version of the classic adventure story is a full length, musical play script which is almost a pantomime. The original plot remains, but has been enhanced with many songs and a scattering of quite awful jokes and puns. Most of the pirates are female and this gender switch creates many opportunities for humour. A drunken Billy Bones has the treasure map and Jim Lard (No! – it’s not a misprint!) takes possession to lead the search for Flint’s treasure. Captain Smollett has trouble with Health and Safety and Doctor Livesey holds a surgery for pirates suffering from serious hypochondria – cue a catalogue of terrible ‘Doctor! Doctor!’ jokes. With great opportunities for audience participation, the script provides a playful romp through a much loved and traditional story. For anyone involved in Amateur Dramatics here is a script with a difference. For lovers of the classic Treasure Island story, here is a new version which will make you laugh out loud. For anyone who has suffered with Health and Safety legislation, here is a chance to identify with the pirate crew as they respond with typical humour. You’ll like this – oh, yes, you will!

Review on Amazon by Hil

OLD ACTORS NEVER DIE… by Lynn Brittney

Having read it twice I think it very entertaining. It has plenty of potential for a community theatre group. While not quite as good as Ian Hislop and Nick Newmans’ A Bunch of Amateurs, which I rate 5 star, I think it definitely rates 4 stars and will be suggesting it for our next production.

Review on Amazon by Jolyon Guy Potter

ALL BALLS AND ASHES by Mark Robberts

An hilarious comedy with a touch of Last of the Summer Wine about it, and a whole lot of Yorkshire charm. Well written and performed with great comedy timing, it is clear that the cast and crew have had great fun bringing to life this truly funny ensemble piece.

Addingham Drama Group, Yorkshire, UK
The Ilkley Gazette

ALL BALLS AND ASHES by Mark Robberts

There are elements in this script that I enjoyed. Dolly and Vera, who always finish…..

……each other’s sentences, made me smile and there is also plenty of physical comedy. I can imagine a lot of fun as the vicar’s carpet sweeper is accompanied by our trio doing the shake ‘n’ vac dance. I suppose to sum up I have to say that if you like Last of the Summer Wine you will like All Balls and Ashes.

From a review website called The Play’s The Thing, run by David Muncaster

TREASURE ISLAND (Almost a Pantomime) by Stewart Auty

We had a wonderful time doing this play and our audience greatly enjoyed it.

St Mark’s Players, Reigate, UK
Christine Knox, Director of Treasure Island, St. Mark’s Players

OLD ACTORS NEVER DIE… by Lynn Brittney

We have just finished performing Lynn Brittney’s play OLD ACTORS NEVER DIE… ( April 2019) and just wanted to say how much the cast and audience enjoyed it! We have received some brilliant comments.

Stratton Drama, Cirencester, UK
Howard Grat, Stratton Drama

DIG FOR THE DIGGERS by Lynn Brittney

Of the many wonderful productions [commemorating the 1914-18 conflict] one of the most powerful to date is a short play called DIG FOR THE DIGGERS written by Lynn Brittney…it tells the story of the DNA identification of (fictional soldier) Mick Feeney – stubborn Australian miner from Bothwell, who volunteered for World War One and ended up buried in a mass grave at Fromelles in 1918. The moving, tense, funny, heart rending play…creates immense audience identification wherever performed.

Square Pegs, Hobart Angelsea Barracks, Tasmania, Australia
From a review by Merlene Abbott

BUNKERED by Lynn Brittney

The production went well and was loved by all. The setting was very different from the usual suburban sitting room or panelled manor house! It was a very nice play to do and I would certainly recommend it to others.

Players of Elstead Theatrical Society UK
Jos Johnston

LATHERED UP by Lynn Brittney

Extremely well written script. Good comedy throughout with a wide range of characters.

Not what it seems (in a good way). Well worth a read if you are looking for fresh twists in a script.

Review on Amazon by Will.

BUNKERED by Lynn Brittney

I enjoyed running this production – and I know the cast had a good time and learned a lot!

Top of the Torrens Drama Group, Woodside, South Australia
Mo Johnson, producer

OLD ACTORS NEVER DIE… by Lynn Brittney

This was an evening of perfectly conveyed British comedy performed by a community theatre company. The whole show was scattered with funny moments and asides, which kept us spellbound for over 2 hours.

St.Nicolas Players, Spalding, UK
From a review by Meryl Finlay