Copyright agreement for overseas use of Playstage Senior plays in PDF format

Playstage Senior agrees to provide those customers who are resident outside of the UK and Europe with a print-ready PDF format of a play or plays in return for the following:

  1. That it is clearly understood by the purchaser/s that any unauthorised use of the PDF constitutes a breach of the Copyright Laws currently existing in every country throughout the world.
  2. A copy of a play in PDF format is supplied for personal use only and is not to be copied or given to other persons.
  3. A purchaser who requires several copies of one play, with a view to performance, must purchase the required number of PDFs and will be issued with a licence to photocopy. Failure to do so will be deemed a breach of the Copyright Laws and may result in legal action.
  4. If a purchaser, living in a country outside of the UK and Europe, on behalf of an amateur dramatic group, wishes to perform a Playstage Senior play, then he or she must apply, in the usual way, via the website, using our automated licence application form. The licence fee is given in British pounds and will be converted from the local currency through Paypal when purchasing. The purchaser will then receive a Paypal invoice and instructions on how to pay for the licence. Once payment is received then the licence will be emailed to the purchaser's address as an email attachment.
  5. The above conditions apply to amateur groups only. Applications to perform a Playstage Senior play from a professional group or producer require an email enquiry first.
  6. A licence to perform will be issued to amateur groups providing that no other amateur group in the close vicinity, or professional production, will be taking place within a two month span either side of the proposed production shown in the application to perform.
  7. All rights to Playstage Senior plays are the property of the author and his or her agents. No part of the play may be altered or used in any way without permission from the copyright holders. All rights pertaining to stage; motion picture; radio; audio; digital; television; public reading and translation are the property of the author and his or her agents.

I have understood and accept the above terms and conditions




This form must be returned before a PDF purchase may take place.